Saturday, 13 September 2014

Why Hindus Don't Eat Cow Meat

Good explanation ... the core for Hindus respecting cows.

The other analogy which I have always advocated ... When a mum cannot breast feed her baby, it is the cow milk that comes to the help...without which the child will not get the required nutrients at the early stage of life. 

So to the question by many critics who ask, "Why Hindus can drink cow milk but cannot eat cow meat?", you have to just replace 'the cow with your mother' and ask the same question. 

We human are the greediest animal as we rob, what rightfully belongs to the CALF from its MOTHER! And i guess due to this guilt and as a humble human who has erred, the Hindus  repay to the cow in what ever manner possible.

As correctly mentioned in this article, I for one as a Hindu, RESPECT, HONOUR, ADORE  and AM GREATFUL to THE COWS  who has given me and my family what another human cannot provide! I guess with so much of food available on this earth, if I cannot spare eating beef, I am one of the most ungrateful being!